Rekey or Change Your Home's Locks

ReKey Locks + Change Locks


Like anything, your home’s locks can wear out, stick, or break entirely. Other times it’s not so much the lock as the people who have a key that make you worried. Whatever the reason you’re considering having your locks serviced, Pop-A-Lock can provide fast, professional services to ramp up your home security. Which lock service can we help you with today?

  • Rekey locks. Our most affordable lock service is rekeying locks. A certified locksmith simply makes you a new key and changes the pattern of pins inside your lock to match. There’s no new hardware involved, the whole process takes a few minutes, and only people with the new key will be able to enter your home. Rekeying locks can also lighten your keychain, since Pop-A-Lock can rekey other doors in your home to the same key.
  • Change locks. When you want to switch to a new lock brand or type or your old lock is beyond repair, you’ll need to change locks. You can count on Pop-A-Lock for professional, fast lock installation and knowledgeable advice on choosing a new lock brand and type. No sloppy installations — your new lock will last for years even with heavy use.
  • Fix locks. We’ll be upfront with you: not all broken locks can be repaired. If yours is fixable, we’re happy to fix it. If not, we’ll tell you about your other options and help you make a good choice.
  • Install new locks. If you need a lock installed from scratch, Pop-A-Lock can help you out. We take care of installing locks on side doors, mailboxes, cabinets, sheds, and more.

Melissa H., a recent client, had this to say about her experience:
“Steve came out to rekey all my locks. I work for GE whom Pop-A-Lock services — they are the first servicer we call for lockouts, jumpstarts, etc. Steve was very friendly, courteous, and efficient. I’ll definitely refer anyone who needs lockout/locksmith service to him. Thanks!”

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