Transponders and Transponder Chip


Losing a car key is bad enough, but losing a transponder can mean even more hassle and money. Many car keys these days are transponder keys (a.k.a. chip keys). A microchip in the head of the key communicates with the ignition so that no one can hotwire your car or drive away with any key but yours. Of course, the car can’t distinguish between owner and thief, so if you lose your transponder, you also won’t be able to start your car.

Transponder keys will typically cost you an arm and a leg at the dealer, but calling Pop-A-Lock can save you 40% off the total. Why? 1) We provide 24 hour roadside services, so you won’t have to pay for a tow if you’ve lost your keys, and 2) Dealers charge a high markup on every aspect of the service, from the key blank to the programming. Pop-A-Lock’s certified and insured locksmiths carry the right equipment and have years of experience working with transponders to duplicate, replace, or rekey your chip key.

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“He [the Pop-A-Lock locksmith] was professional, courteous and determined to complete the necessary task.  He truly went beyond expectations, because de-coding the programming for the Ford Focus transponder was enormously challenging.  I submit this with a great deal of appreciation for his efforts.”

– Cyrus P. of St. Petersburg

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