High Security Locks


Let’s face it: you just can’t count on regular locks to perform under pressure. All too many are vulnerable to anyone with a few special tools and some know-how. When you need a lock that can’t be bumped, picked, or drilled, you need a high security lock. Pop-A-Lock St. Petersburg sells and installs a wide range of high security locks by brands such as Medeco, ASSA, Mul-T, and Schlage Locks.

What’s so special about a high security lock, anyway? Although some may have angled cuts while others feature double cylinders and rotating discs, they all tend to have restricted or patented keys that can only be ordered from the manufacturer, heavier, harder parts to resist drilling, and restrictive keyways that don’t admit lock picks or guns. Taken together, these features will protect your business from even determined attempts to break in.

Bottom line: high security locks really do make your business safer.

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