Keyless Entry Remote for Cars


Your remote key doesn’t just lock and unlock your doors. Depending on your car model and make, your key fob could control the alarm system and even remobilize your engine control module, which allows the car to start. Keyless remotes are handy — but losing one can be expensive and inconvenient, especially if you go to the dealer. At the same time, buying a cheap key fob on the internet doesn’t usually work unless you have the right equipment and codes.

Replace your keyless entry remote the easy way by calling Pop-A-Lock St. Petersburg. We’ll come out to your car with the right key fob blank, program it to your car, and even make you a new mechanical key if necessary. Although the procedure for programming keyless remotes varies by maker, Pop-A-Lock’s highly trained auto locksmiths know the ins and outs of different cars and their remotes.

Because we don’t charge the high markups or need to tow your car if it’s immobilized, you’ll end up paying much less for your new remote key fob.

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