Bump Proof Locks


It’s hard to feel safe knowing that anyone with a $10 bump key could go up to your locked door, and enter your house as if it weren’t even locked in the first place. Locksmiths have known about bump keys for years and use them to let you in when you get locked out. It’s a safe bet that your average burglar doesn’t have the same intentions. Most American homes are vulnerable to bumping, a simple technique that uses a modified key that anyone can file down or buy ready made from unscrupulous sellers online.

Isn’t it time to arm yourself against bump keys with a bump key proof lock? All major lock manufacturers, including Kwikset, Schlage, and Baldwin, now offer modified locks that resist being bumped. These bump proof locks range from quite affordable to higher end and use different means to prevent bumping. Whether you opt for a shallow drilled lock or one with trap pins, there’s a good bump proof lock out there with your name on it, and we can install that lock on your door today.

If cost is a problem, not all bump key proof locks require a full lock change. Some are designed to fit into your current lockset, and some brands allow Pop-A-Lock to perform a rekey that bolsters their resistance to bumping.

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