Cheap Locksmith Prices

A sign in a feed store said: “If you want to buy fresh, clean, high-quality oats, you have to pay a fair price. If you want oats that have been through the horse, they’re a lot cheaper!”

I often think of that sign when I see locksmith ads that say: “Cheap Locksmith”, “Lowest Locksmith Prices”, “Affordable Locksmith”, Discount Locksmith”. When I see those ‘ads’ I have to wonder about the quality of the oats they’re selling!

I think that we all agree that a high price doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality, and a cheap price rarely does. The same principal applies to just about everything that we buy in our lifetimes. We usually get what we pay for…little more, and often a lot less. Let’s face it: “cheap” is not always the most economical and expensive is not always the best.

What you need to look for when you select a locksmith to perform any locksmith service for you is a locksmith that prices their service to give you, the customer, solid economical value.

You can do that by asking the locksmith you call what their rates are and what their prices are for locks. Then ask them what brand of locks they’re selling and if their quoted prices seem to good to be true—they probably are. Remember “Caveat Emptor”? or “Buyer beware”? It’s still good advice.

At POP A LOCK of Jacksonville we are happy to discuss our prices for our services, and products, with you in full so there are no misunderstandings or surprises. We service the entire Jacksonville area and we believe in the principle of fair locksmith pricing. Pricing that is not always the most economical but is always a solid economical value.

There are a lot of folks in the Jacksonville area who believe the adage: “Locks are for honest people!” That saying is called an oxymoron…you know, a contradiction in terms. Actually, at POP A LOCK of Jacksonville,—Jacksonville’s leading, quality locksmith— we feel that that old Yiddish saying is sorta like the oats that have already been through the horse.

Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Jacksonville has the best value in town of any legitimate Jacksonville locksmith.

Our expert locksmiths are available for 24/7 service.